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Flooring Installation Services in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

At Williams Carpet Center, we want you to understand how we install the top flooring products we offer, including carpets, vinyl, laminate and hardwood. The more you know, the better you'll feel about the services we offer.

Carpet and Rugs

When you buy carpets from us, we can remove the old carpet from your home, scrape off the old glue and even remove the tacks and nails holding that carpet down. Our trained installation team will then place new padding on the floor, secure the padding to the floor and lay the carpet on top. We ensure that your carpet won't move once it's installed, and we can help you find the right place for new rugs and keep those rugs in place too.

Flooring Installation for Laminate and Hardwood

The installation process for laminate and hardwood is quite similar because the products themselves are much alike. When you select new floors in one of these materials, we will measure the square footage of the room to determine the amount of material needed. Installing hardwood or laminate generally requires placing each individual piece on the floor, tapping the pieces together and using spacers to keep the pieces from sliding or moving on the floor.

Vinyl Floor Installation

Installing vinyl floors is often so easy that we can tackle the job in a few hours or a single day. When you choose rolled vinyl, we will clean the floors, apply a smooth and even coat of adhesive and place the vinyl on the floor before rolling and smoothing out any air bubbles. With vinyl tiles, we install one tile at a time and remove any air pockets before installing the next tile. Call Williams Carpet Center to schedule a flooring installation appointment or to view our great products.
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